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Practitioners Courses

We offer a practitioner course in Thai Massage for the serious student, primarily taught one to one in a traditional manner and two advanced courses for suitably qualified practitioners.

Practitioners Course – this is a comprehensive course in Northern Style Traditional Thai Massage. In this course you will learn over 6 hours of techniques, working in the four main positions of Thai Massage. From the techniques learned we will develop a variety of treatments of varying length and content to be suitable for a wide variety of recipients. This course consists of 100 hours of tuition on a one to one basis.

Chaiyuth Style Advanced – Chaiyuth was one of the great Thai Massage masters. He had his own unique, dynamic, intuitive style. This course is based on the teaching of Chaiyuth and is suitable for experienced practitioners who are committed to learning this wonderful but challenging form of Thai Massage. The full course takes a minimum of 100 hours to complete and consist of learning 12 different two hour treatments. A short 10 hour introductory course to Chaiyuth style is also available.

Thai Massage and Yoga Therapy – working to develop a greater knowledge of the body, both from a Western and Eastern perspective, you will be learning techniques to treat a variety of common aches and pains in the body. We will also work with Yoga based exercises to compliment the massage therapy.

Q’s & A’s

What are the course dates? There are no fixed course dates. Courses are available all year round with times and dates for lessons arranged to suit each individual.

How long does a course take? It depends on the needs of the student and the schedule of lessons agreed, but usually between 7 months and 1 year. There is the option to do the advanced courses as one month intensives. The minimum duration for the practitioners course is 7 months.

How long is each lesson? Again it depends on what suits. Ideally, 30 weekly half-day classes to cover the 100 hours of tuition. But (20) fortnightly 5 hour lessons or two classes one weekend a month also work well.

What’s a lesson like? The courses are 95% practical, you learn by receiving massage then practising on the teacher. The teacher gives appropriate feed back and corrections where required. This is my preferred way of teaching and I believe the student develops a deeper understanding by learning this way, as opposed to learning in a group class.

Do you need any experience? No experience is required for the practitioners course but you will need a keen interest in the subject, a good level of health and fitness and plenty of time to practise. For the advanced courses previous experience is essential.

How much does the course cost? Each course consist of 100 hours private tuition and costs £1,200. There is a 10% deposit (£120) to arrange a course then a £60 payment per class until the balance is payed.

Get in touch for more information or if you have any questions.