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Short Courses

Introductory Course 1

Learn the basics of Thai Massage with this short 10 hour course working on the supine and side positions. This course is aimed at those wanting to learn the skills to be able give fantastic, relaxing treatments to their family and friends. It also serves as an introduction for those considering the practitioners course.

Introductory Course 2

Continuing on from course 1, we will be working on the prone and seated positions and integrating them into a sequence with the techniques learned in the first course.

Chiayuth Style Short Course

An introduction to the amazing work of the legendary Thai master Chaiyuth. In this short course you will learn a full dynamic Thai massage treatment in Chaiyuth unique style. This course is for experienced practitioners only.

Feet, Forearms and Knees Course

Learn a hands free treatment where you use a combination of techniques using your feet, forearms and knees to provide a comprehensive, deep massage. For experienced practitioners only.